Hello, Adulthood: Some Vanity-Related Life Updates

Two important vanity-related things have happened to me since my last blog post:

One: I finally cut my hair short

Everyone is chopping off their locks left and right these days, so my joining the bandwagon isn’t so surprising in the greater scheme of things. But going under the scissors a VERY big deal for me, having lived my entire life thinking that I look terrible with short hair. Before graduating from college, I experimented with a variety of short haircuts, the the disastrous results of which had me convinced that I should live the rest of my days with hair well past my shoulders. Observe:

Too many freaking layers made my hair grow out like a mushroom, which gave my face look a round, boyish appearance. Ugh. These photos are all I remember when I think of myself with short hair. Which is a shame because amidst all these bad haircuts was a long bob style that actually looked pretty good on me. Unlike all the other short haircuts I had, this one kept my hair at one length, leaving layers long in front to frame my face and slim it down:

I had this hairstyle late 2007, but lost it a few months later when I had it cut by some random hairdresser that didn’t think to keep its shape. When I finally stumbled upon these photos a few months ago, I was shocked by how flattering it looked and decided I wanted my hair this short again. But who can I trust to give me a nice long bob without murdering my hair? My favorite hairstylist left Salon De Manila and the only other person I trust with my locks charges P6,000 for a haircut. Naturally, I didn’t bother remembering the hairstylist or the salon where I got the nice bob done.

My mom rocks an awesome bob and hasn’t been to any other salon ever since she started getting her hair done by Tonette at Studio Zen Salon in Katipunan. I decided that this would be where I’d get my next haircut. If he can make my mom look good, perhaps some of that magic will rub off on me too. I asked my mom about it and she encouraged me to drop by. “Tonette is the one I always ask for, but all their stylists are really good,” she assured me. “They know how to listen and they don’t give you any attitude.”

Listen to your mother because she’s probably right! Tonette wasn’t around when I finally took the plunge, but they had a hairstylist named Mr Yani take care of me. After my mom kindly told him to please not murder my hair, I showed him photos of what I wanted and specified that I didn’t want a million layers – just a single-length bob that’s slightly longer than the front. My hands gripped the armrests of my chair when I heard Mr Yani’s scissors go “Snip!”, and I said a silent prayer to the beauty gods that my haircut turn out okay. I was tense, but as my hair fell to the floor in large wet chunks and my new look emerged, I realized I had nothing to worry about. Mr Yani gave me exactly what I wanted and wow, did short hair look so much better on me than I thought it would! I had no idea it would shave off five years from my face.

Now I’m never going to go anywhere else but Studio Zen Salon for my haircutting needs. I’m also never going back to long hair again.

Two: I start a big girl job today

I got bored gathering cobwebs at home so I decided to try working at an office again. After a month of interviews, I managed to land an interesting social media job despite not really knowing much about doing social media for businesses. I guess I’m just very good at answering interview questions?

Anyway, the first thing I did upon signing my contract was to go shopping for working girl clothes. After living in shorts and dresses for the better part of 3 years, my wardrobe was in dire need of more professional, commute-friendly garb. We don’t really have a dress code at work, but I don’t exactly want to show up in shorts, you know? Plus, I’ve always believed in starting a new chapter with a clean sartorial slate. New work, new wardrobe.

And so I stocked up on trousers in colored and printed incarnations, and bought a big girl bag from Charles and Keith. This is how I’m going to look during weekdays. I’m pretty excited to start wearing pants again. (Pardon the stupid grin, this was the best I could do at 6 am.)

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4 Responses to Hello, Adulthood: Some Vanity-Related Life Updates

  1. Sherene says:

    Wow! U look great Lauren:)

  2. Jean says:

    I love your new hair cut! I makes you look younger and more radiant. Good luck on the new job! :)

  3. Alex says:

    I don’t know if I said it when we met for lunch, but I love how it looks on you nga! It’s very flattering and you look fresher. And younger, in a good way. :D I envy how you girls with straight hair can go for so many different styles. If I didn’t keep up the multitude of layers on mine, it’d look like a frizzy mess. One-length looks horrible on my hair. xD

  4. aby says:

    i am planning to cut my hair short too because it’s so dry and soooo lonnngg..hehe anyways, your new hair suits you well. :)

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