Spotted: The Inevitable Signs of Aging

I never thought the day would come where I’d make a mad scramble for all the anti-aging products I could find in the house. But here I am in a bit of a panic after discovering that I might be well on my way to becoming a withered hag. While looking through some recent photos, I noticed something a little…off about my face. I couldn’t put my finger on what it was, but a closer look revealed the horrifying truth:

I have visible laugh lines. And I’m only 26.

How the fuck did that happen? How long have these lines been forming, and how the hell did they get so deep? Is it because I have a nasty habit of rubbing my nose violently during my nightly allergy attacks, drying the skin around the area in the process? Could it be the sun damage from years of never wearing sunscreen except while at the beach? Why has beauty/fashion blogging failed to turn me into a proper girl who knows how to take care of her skin and prevent the inevitable signs of aging?

A quick Google search revealed that laugh lines, or nasolabial folds, is caused by genetics, weight loss, or just plain ageing. Nobody in my family has laugh lines at this age, so I’m guessing my face is getting thinner or my skin is getting old. Or maybe I smile too much? Whatever it is, I’m a little freaked out that that these diagonal lines are marring my face, a face that has never been conventionally pretty to begin with but will only get even more un-pretty as time goes by.

Finding my visible laugh lines seems to be another nail in the proverbial coffin. I was blow-drying my hair at the gym the other day when I spotted not one, not two, but five gray hairs growing from the crown of my head. They looked really awkward against the black-purple that was the rest of my hair and they needed to go, now. I leaned closer to the mirror to try and pull them out one at a time; grasping the two-inch hairs is more difficult than it looks. A middle-aged woman sitting next to me noticed what I was doing and said kindly, “Dear, don’t bother. You’re going to get more of those with time.”

Hair graying is something I can deal with calmly; the Dados are known to get gray hair in their mid to late 20s, and it’s nothing a little dye can’t fix. But correcting laugh lines (and maybe my undereye area) is not as simple as slapping on a new layer of skin onto my face. The Internet recommends facial exercises, botox injections, and powerful moisturizers/anti-wrinkle creams to get rid of laugh lines. Of all those options, I think the third one seems like the best one for now.

Currently I’m using Celeteque’s Restorative Ultra-Lifting Concentrated Serum twice a day – after I wake up, and before going to bed. It’s too soon to tell if it’s working or not, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I also have an unused bottle of Neutrogena Hydroboost Essence, which looks like a good alternative for when I’m running late in the morning (though reviews say it’s not as moisturizing as other serums). Internet research shows me that hyaluronic acid is a great moisturizer for oily yet dehydrated skin, so I’m considering the 20% Vitamin C + E Ferulic Acid Serum if I’m not happy with Celeteque.

Worst case scenario, I’ll look into botox. Or maybe stop smiling altogether.

Have you tried any of the products I’m using? Can you recommend any great serums or anti-aging moisturizers?

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18 Responses to Spotted: The Inevitable Signs of Aging

  1. oh we have the same problem. I’m 29. I’ve been using Sense specially their Perfecting Essence. I’m “hiyang” to the product but I’ve also heard about others who are not.

  2. Rae says:

    Had the same panic attack when I turned 29 this year and the fine line on each of my undereye suddenly became fine lineS.

    Tretinoin has been working pretty well on me + sunscreen. Contemplating on putting it on my undereye as well, but they say that are is too sensitive.

    • Lauren says:

      Hmmm. My mom had an allergic attack to tretinoin before and I’m guessing I might be sensitive to it too. I’ve been more careful about applying sunscreen though. It’s not just for the beach anymore!

  3. Alex says:

    Keep us updated! I’ve been asking around for best anti-wrinkle products, too, as my skin allergy on the lips affected the corners of my mouth and now they’re grayish and wrinkly…bleh.. And I noticed that when I smile in photos, I have fine lines around my eyes now. :( Then again, I’m 28. But I just feel bad because I’ve noticed this only now, like it’s a big difference from when I was 27. I’m using AVON Anew right now but I don’t know if it works, either. I’m going to try that Celeteque serum (it’s not too oily to use for day time?)

    I used to love Burt’s Bees Radiance serum, but I’m not sure if I’ll buy one in my panicked state since it’s not marketed for anti-aging purposes.

    • Lauren says:

      I totally get what you mean. I never noticed any of this before and then suddenly – lines everywhere! We’re really getting old na nga. :(

      The Celeteque serum is pretty okay so far. I like that it’s not the least bit oily at all! It dries fairly quickly with a slightly matte finish. Sometimes I even need to layer moisturizer on top of it.

      What are the ingredients of Burt’s Bees radiance serum? Even if it’s not marketed as an anti-aging product, it might have ingredients that achieve the same effects. I’m not at expert (have to do more research on it), but I do know that vitamin C and hyaluronic acid are one of them. I find Burt’s Bees too expensive though. Took a look at it at Beauty Bar yesterday and it’s priced at 1,900. :\

      • Alex says:

        Burt’s Bees has other anti-aging products I might try, but you’re right, they’re too expensive here. The bottle of Radiance Serum I had a friend buy for me in the States was only $18! Here it’s like 1.5k++php. o_O I also drink Vitamin C and E regularly, so I hope that helps. I’m taking the latter for my hair but I hope it’s doing something for my skin, too. I remember Body Shop had vitamin C for the skin which smelled really really good (it was addicting to apply).

      • Alex says:

        Btw, I checked out the C+E Fe Serum and it looks promising. But where do we get it here locally?

  4. Kira says:

    I’ve been using eye creams since college, but haven’t found one that can really get rid of the lines below my eyes (evident only if I smile—which is a lot!). Just started using the VMV Re-everything Eye Serum (hope it works). But for my face I stick with Mosbeau just because it’s in gel form and I don’t get oily, but it’s not really an anti-aging product. And I sleep on my face a lot, so that’s another thing that contributes to my facial lines -_-

  5. Dahlj says:

    discovering these hateful lines is stressful. all the more in looking for “that” product to deal with them. ugh.

  6. The truth is I don’t see any laugh lines in your face! What if I have it too and don’t see it? Haha It’s a good thing you shared what products you’re using. I may give it a try as well. I’m actually using Celeteque moisturizer and it’s working quite well. I’m actually thinking of writing a review on my blog. I’m not sure though if it’s because I use it with a combination of other products. Just use every product that works, but please don’t stop smiling! :) I am loving your blog, btw. I am hoping that I could meet you or work with you in the future! Cheers!

    • Lauren says:

      Hi! Thanks for dropping by my blog, glad you enjoy reading what I have to say. :D Maybe I’m just being super nitpicky but I definitely didn’t see lines on my face before. You should totally write a review on the Celeteque stuff youve tried. There can never be too many opinions on beauty products on the Internet, especially if they’re locally made.

  7. Take it easy! you must have lost weight recently lang (happened to me as well — drastic weight loos can make one look a tad old but only for a few weeks, then the skin becomes tighter again).

    Since I’m already in my 30s, I plan to have botox or fillers when I get them unpretty lines (I’ll have them sooner or later anyway). I’m all about options. LOL.

    I’m currently using Dior Capture Total. It’s good in making my skin look bright and somehow youthful. Also, Neostrata AHA gel helps when my skin starts to get a little dull and old(ish).

    • Lauren says:

      Hey! Thanks for dropping by. :D Someone mentioned that I might have also just lost weight on my face, so hopefully the laugh lines will go away soon. Thanks for the recommendations! I’m thinking of getting another radio frequency treatment – the one that wounds the skin to stimulate the production of collagen. I get it done for my icepick acne scars and they work, and I think that might be more effective than relying on anti-aging products alone.

  8. Jean says:

    I’m looking forward to your update on the Celeteque serum. By the way, do you think you can do a post on that radio frequency treatment you mentioned in one of your comments? I’m so curious about it. Thanks! :)

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