Pink Kurve: Lingerie for Women of All Sizes

If your cup size is anything above a C or D, you probably know what a pain it can be to buy bras locally. I’m a 34B and it can be tough finding aesthetically-pleasing bras that fit well, mostly because larger cup sizes are available in smaller quantities and sell out faster. Not to mention how annoying it is to be handed a 34B bra, only to find out that it’s made for the typical Asian body and much smaller than the size I’m accustomed to.

For this reason, it’s always good to discover stores like Pink Kurve, who cater to women of various sizes with a choice selection of premium lingerie.

Pink Kurve is the brainchild of the same husband-and-wife team behind local brand Hot Pink Lingerie. You may remember them in 2004 for being one of few brands that sold cute panties when others only carried granny-inspired underwear (I remember buying a few pairs when I discovered Hot Pink). After changing the face of the local lingerie industry, it only makes sense for them to offer something new and cater to a market many intimate apparel brands neglect – women with boobs and curves.

Located at the second floor of Rockwell Makati, Pink Kurve is a small, plush boutique whose intimate size and friendly staff makes underwear shopping a comfortable experience. No annoying sales ladies following you wherever you go – they leave you alone for the most part, but are eager to lend their assistance if you have any questions. The selection isn’t department store-massive, but you’re pretty much guaranteed to find something that fits. Their sizes range from 32A to 44G!

Aside from Hot Pink, Pink Kurve also carries the following international brands:

* Body Wrap from Canada, who are known for creating seamless shapewear. They also have a special line for brides, available in lacy white and nude.
* Sassybax, comfy microfiber bras designed to eliminate unflattering bulges around the torso and back
* Pull-in, a European brand that specializes in fun, colorful printed undies and boxers.
* Le Mystère from New York, a go-to brand for top-heavy women looking for lingerie

I love a well-made bra, but I ended up buying shapewear after realizing that I don’t have any in my underwear drawer. I normally dislike the sensation of fabric hugging my skin tightly, so it surprised me to discover that shapewear felt incredibly soft and light. Not all of my clothes require the use of my new intimates, so I’m looking quite forward for when I get the chance to put them on.

It was great seeing my blogger friends after ages of not attending events! And even better to discover that there’s a lingerie store that did not forget the needs of us top-heavy women. Pink Kurve can be found at the 2nd floor of Power Plant Mall, near the Archeology wing.

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7 Responses to Pink Kurve: Lingerie for Women of All Sizes

  1. Dang says:

    Very familiar with the HotPink brand since they are always present in St. James and other AAV bazaars. :) Good to see that they revamped the brand to cater to ever changing trends/needs. Same with you, I have specific needs for my full bottom (in my case), so thanks for sharing! I hope they open more branches, soon. :)

    Have a lovely weekend, Lauren. :)

  2. Hautepot says:

    Do they have sizes for the less endowed? :)) I think that the A sizes here are still not the right size for me (sadly)

  3. Del says:

    I am SO GLAD I read this. My sister and I are both cup E’s (!!!) and it is impossible to find good bras that fit. My only question is, what are their prices like?

    • Lauren says:

      Hi! Thanks for reading my blog. :) Their bras start from around P2,000 I think. Kind of expensive, but maybe you should give it a try just the same. If the fit is great, then it’s probably worth the price tag. :)

  4. Ethel says:

    Cool! Now I can get a 32D bra :)

  5. It’s good to know they offer cup sizes above C. I have another go-to shop (aside from Marks & spencer) when I visit the Philippines. :)

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