Guess How Much My Emilio Pucci Sneakers Cost?

A few years ago, a girl named Christine invited my mom and I to a private garage sale at her house when she saw our blogs and learned about our passion for vintage things. “I have boxes and boxes of real vintage clothes from all over the world,” she wrote, “and they’re taking over my room. I need to get rid of them quick, but I don’t want to sell them to just anyone.” As someone who regularly unloads stuff at garage sales, I can totally sympathize. I know how annoying it can be to deal with pushy, price-conscious garage sale goers who can’t appreciate an item’s true value. Plus there are some things that you just don’t want to pass off to just anyone, even if you have no room for it in your life anymore.

So visit Christine’s place we did, and it turned out to be the start of quite the garage sale relationship. This girl is a real clotheshorse with a job that takes her around the world. When she comes home every year, she has several boxes of exciting clothes that she needs to sell, not because she wants to make money, but because she loves shopping so much that she has absolutely no space for her the latest additions to her massive wardrobe. She’s the type who buys multiples of a trend she’s totally obsessed with. Once, she showed me ten different vintage jumpsuits from her jumpsuit phase; another time, it was vintage maxidresses.

I love going to Christine’s garage sales because she has incredible taste. Most shopaholics end up collecting really lame things like Crocs, but she only buys great clothes sourced from a variety of places, from Bangkok tiangges to high-end London boutiques. Sorting through her stuff is always an adventure; you never know just what you’re going to find. And unlike ukay-ukay stores, where 99% of the clothes look wilted and there’s a high chance you’ll walk out empty-handed, hers are still in fantastic condition, and you will find something to take home with you.

What I like most about her wardrobe is that that she doesn’t shy away from bold prints. If you’ve seen me wear a really awesome printed anything, there’s a good chance I got it from her. Like this patchwork jacket, and my Emilio Pucci painterly blouse. She’s really into Emilio Pucci, and because of her I’ve also developed a bit of an obsession for his work. But since I can’t afford any of his stuff, even the ones on eBay, I end up buying all my Pucci from Christine. :P I fell in love with this stunning wrap dress during last year’s garage sale, but I couldn’t justify spending P7,000 for it (she did let me have the Emilio Pucci top for a little over P1,000 though!).

A few weeks ago, she let me know that she was holding another garage sale, but with marked-down prices this time. When my mom and I went, it looked like most of her stuff had already been picked through (the Emilio Pucci wrap dress was gone). I did manage to find a few things that I liked (a jumpsuit, two tops), but my favorite find was a pair of Emilio Pucci sneakers. I know that he makes gorgeous heels, but sneakers? What a revelation!

I don’t buy shoes from Christine because she’s a size bigger than me, and I very nearly didn’t give these sneakers a chance. My mom said I should try it on anyway, pointing out that the size difference won’t matter because of the closed toe. True enough, they actually fit quite comfortably, and the extra room in front of my toes didn’t bother me one bit. I didn’t think I could ever feel fabulous in sneakers, but these babies make me feel like I’m on a fucking catwalk.

Best part? I only got them for P200. They were originally priced at P400, which was already a steal in itself, but Christine gave us 50% off everything we bought, as thanks for being such longtime “customers”.

So there you have it. Working a part time job means I pretty much have zero disposable income, so when I do go shopping I make sure that it’s absolutely worth it. Most people would probably wish they were in Christine’s shoes, with a huge budget to blow on a wardrobe that her room can barely handle. But as I reevaluate my spending habits, I realize that it can be far more fun and satisfying to delay my gratification until I’m on the receiving end of a fantastic bargain.

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4 Responses to Guess How Much My Emilio Pucci Sneakers Cost?

  1. Tara says:

    Damn take me with you next time!!! Lol

  2. miiremii caballero says:

    Hi! I just stumbled upon your blog. I so envy you. Oh pls pls tell your friend to invite me over. I am so addicted to vintage stuffs. I am so looking forward to your reply. God bless you! Oh i adore your emilios they are to die for…wink!

  3. Romzs says:

    Omg, winner! I love the sneakers! The wrap dress looks nice on you, sayang!

  4. Cza Callanta says:

    wow! that garage sale is fantasticcccccc! :)) OMG! can you please tell Christine to invite me to any of her garage sales? pretty please? :)) or better yet, can you just take me with you while shopping there? :))

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