Would You Wear a Wedding Dress From Topshop?

Let me start out by saying that I am not getting married anytime soon. But I’m already at that age where talk of marriage – or specifically, weddings – is unavoidable, with friends getting hitched and relatives/mothers asking me when it will be my turn (to which I respond with, “I dunno, ask my boyfriend?”). A recent visit to a bridal fair with a friend had me rather overwhelmed by the ridiculous detail that goes into planning a wedding, and I decided right there that I don’t want any of that for myself. If I were to get married, my dream wedding will be so simple and stress-free that you can hardly call it a wedding at all. The same thing goes for my dream wedding dress – the plan is to walk right into a store like Milanoo and pick out The Dress right off the rack. I’ll let the bridal party worry about what they’re going to wear.

It doesn’t seem like I’m the only one with the changing attitudes towards bridal wear. Topshop in the UK just came out with their first bridal collection in collaboration with designer Richard Nicholl. Called Tie the Knot, this eight-piece collection features simple sheath dresses and corset bodices in off-white and old rose. Although my body isn’t emaciated enough for most of these dresses, I appreciate the total lack of fluff and the versatility of the design; they’d look just as good on the aisle as a summer party. I know that the once-in-a-lifetime nature of weddings justifies the need to spend on a dress that you can wear to your wedding and only your wedding, but I really can’t wrap my head around dropping tens of thousands on a dress I’ll only wear once.

What I also like about the whole buy-a-wedding-dress-from-a-high-street-store idea is that you’re not limited to the clothes that are marketed as bridal wear. When I did pass by a Topshop some weeks ago, I found a few maxi dresses that are quite wedding-worthy, if you don’t want to look like a cupcake anyway. Observe:

I won’t deny that a person’s wedding day is something special, but I’d like to think that it’s the event itself that makes the evening magical, not the dress. Just give me a pretty white dress that won’t make me look fat, and I’ll be happy. Plus points if I can get it under P20,000 with minimal stress!

Would you wear a wedding dress from Topshop? What are your thoughts about buying your wedding dress off the rack, from a non-bridal store?

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9 Responses to Would You Wear a Wedding Dress From Topshop?

  1. Joyce says:

    There are very few occasions in which a normal (non-celeb/high society) girl gets an excuse to design her own dress to her party. I wouldn’t want to spend too much but I’d like to have my dress (and prolly the groom’s suit) bespoked by my trusty neighborhood atelier, at the very least. It just might end up cheaper than Topshop, too!

  2. Czarina Maye says:

    Hmm, if beach siguro I wouldn’t mind wearing one. But if formal event talaga.. siguro puwede pa rin yan kahit pang reception. ;)

  3. Rae says:

    I’m one of those who would prefer buying a wedding dress of the rack. I’m the type who doesn’t know what she wants until she sees what she wants. I’d rather see myself actually in a dress than imagine a sketch on me.

    I also prefer a very simple wedding. Just a few weeks ago, I saw an off-white tailored dress at Luca that I think can pass off as a wedding dress :D

  4. Sherene says:

    I rented my wedding dress, buti nalng ako ang first na magsusuot hehehe.
    No hassle, and saktong sakto sakin:))
    I like the last three dresses!

  5. Yas says:

    You know what, i would. I got married in adress that had a tshirt topwith lace back and a tutuesque yet toned down skirt.depending on the personal style and theme of the wedding , a mod shift dress or a hippie, 60s love child half an half dress like the top shop one could work.

  6. Kumiko Mae says:

    id love to think that if i get married, my dress wont be from the rack! :D`

  7. Hautepot says:

    I want something sleek and beautiful, not princess-y too. I’m such a retail nut so I’m all for off-the-rack wedding dresses. I’ve seen beautiful sketches of gowns by local top designers and the end product sometimes don’t match. At least there are no surprises when you get a RTW gown.

  8. Hazel says:

    probably i’d consider, but i want my dream wedding dress to be something more special and nothing off the rack where others can have the exact same piece too! haha :P

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